Rental Service

In terms of Rental it could cut down your long terms investment and reduce the cost of repairs and maintenance.

Rental Service

One of the most attractive features of the rental is the flexibility of its terms and conditions to meet your maximum need.  No obligation and also easy to accommodate the purchase or change of rental equipment at the end.  This Rental can stop expansion of your capital expenditure and shift this to operating expenditure.

In terms of Rental it could cut down your long terms investment more or less depend on the need of implements and lifting capacity. On top of this, repairing and maintenance cost is free and then this will reduce the job of your personnel team as well.

BFC could provide you a rental from a day to years, packed with BFC Services, for a single to fleet of forklift with flexible terms and conditions. Brand New Forklifts usually go with three years or longer rental contract, but this always negotiable.

For the customers who are not completely sure about the truck capacity and most suitable attachment and as how long needed to rent the forklifts then, this needs to consult and negotiate the terms at the onset of the rental agreement.

Choosing of the right Make and Model with the right capacity and attachments are the must for reliability and efficiency. We, BFC, can be your consult for your forklift need and your maximum profit.

Benefit of renting forklift is there but we add more of our Services and Soul as a package.


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